REF4.760 - Soundstream 4 Ch. 760 Watt RMS Class A/B Reference Series Power Amplifier

It has been over a decade since the Reference amplifiers graced the car industry. Car audio veterans loved them. New-schoolers have dreamed about them. Only the privileged have heard them!

Improving on the best of anything requires new technologies and new applications. We are immensely proud to re-introduce you to the new Reference amplifiers. Not “dream” amplifiers that will never be seen, but a full line of the finest amplifiers that will be available in early 2009!

Reference amplifiers boast damping factors over 1000 and up to 3000+. That is up to, or more than 10 times, that of normal amplifiers! There has been a theory for many years that says that the human ear cannot hear the difference between amplifiers. Anybody who believes this obviously hasn’t auditioned the long awaited return
of the Reference amplifiers!



Power output:

115 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms

155 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms

380 Watts RMS x 2 Bridged @ 4 ohms

Regulated MOSFET power supply

RUBI (Rapid-use branched impulse) proprietary power supply technology

STACT (stabilized apex current technology) reduces power supply stress by 50%

Trident amplifier power technology

Auto high-current, regulates power supply load for application

Triple darlington output circuitry

Hawkins bass control: proprietary bass equalization

Drive delay II eliminates turn-on & turn-off pops

Ultra-low ESR capacitors for rapid power delivery & dynamic transient peaks

Tri-mode operation

Damping Factor: >1000

Signal-to-noise ratio: >110dB

180 degree phase control

30-80hz hawkins bass boost

200mV-9V input voltage

4ga. Power & 8ga direct wire terminal

Dimensions: H: 2.25" x W: 9.875" x L: 21.25"

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