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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

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-Head Unit; Alpine IVA d511rb -Amplifier front; Audio System Radion 90.4 -Amplifier kick; Audio System X-ion 280.2 -Amplifier sub (2x); Audio System X-ion 280.2 -DSP; Alpine PXA-H701 -Speakers mid; Audio System X-ion 165 -Speakers kick (2x); Audio System Helon 165 -Tweeters; Audio System X-ion -SubWoofer (2x) Audio System X-ion 15 plus -Wiring; Audison Connection (0 gauge) -Batteries (3x); Hawker 105Ah 3500A

Thank you for sharing this built Audio Car World 👍

The complete story: Project 601 has been done in 2009 by 3 members of DeBunkerAudio (Alexander, Tonny & Antoine). It took just 9 weeks to complete the whole build from scrap. The built was done for Jac Goossens, owner of 'Goossens automaterialen' (car-audio shop in Deurne, Holland) and orginaly started as a joke. Jac claimed we couldn't build this car within this short time. The 3 members of the Bunker-crew claimed they could and even build an award winning competition car within that giving time. Dave from Hifimotive (Audio-System distributor Holland) heard about this gimmick and sponsored the audio components. For this build we searched for a non-typical car. Therefor they have purchased an ancient Trabant 601 Kombi (1973). This car has a small 17bhp 600cc two-stroke engine.

Car modifications: Exterior: Headlight conversion to VW Golf type1 (black-cross) White sidemarkers Doors(inside and outside) cleaned and shaved Bodypanels cleaned (exept Trabi logo) Lowering front -18cm (leafsprings) Lowering rear -20cm Exhaust Remus Rims ATS classic's 13" 8j Tyres 175-13-50 (German style) Suspension rear 7 degrees camber Interior: Dashboard custom Doorpanels custom Seats Classics Floor custom Roof custom ICE custom

We must be forgotten something, but hey... it seems we have modified the WHOLE car! 😁

If you wanna see some more, just have a look into the photo album that has been shared here a few days back. (or visit DeBunkerAudio)

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